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Is your business crisis ready?

Crises come in many forms. Some are self-inflicted: the doctor being forcibly removed from the United Airlines plane springs to mind. A crisis might be a bolt from the blue: perhaps a cyber-attack. Or social media trolls amplify a piece of misinformation and suddenly there’s a witch-hunt against your company. So is your business crisis ready? […]

Where the hell is Mark Zuckerberg?

Facebook is in serious trouble with its stock tumbling. The company recently lost more than $50 billion in market value as a result of revelations that British company Cambridge Analytica harvested data from 50 million Facebook users without their permission. Facebook says this does not constitute a data breach and both companies deny breaking the […]

Crisis Management in six letters

ACTION Activate your Crisis Team Convene the right people quickly How will you contact them? Determine roles and responsibilities Who will be physically present and who will dial in? Consider the Facts and Impacts What impact is this issue having on your organisation What is being said on social media? Get situation reports from all […]

Tough times for UK bosses

These are tough times for UK Chief Executives if you believe a recent report from KPMG. Blame political uncertainty, Brexit or the unremitting terror attacks, it’s hardly surprising that only 65% of UK CEOs have a confident outlook for the global economy over the next three years; down from 80% last year. Digging in to […]