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The Virtual Exercise Manager

A new service from Crisis Solutions

Crisis Solutions is delighted to launch The Virtual Exercise Manager a new service to help take your crisis exercises to the next level.

The Virtual Exercise Manager allows you to design and run your exercises and bring them to life. It has the ability to stream social media, broadcast TV news clips and then at a key stroke your exercise can be copied and deployed as many times as you wish with teams anywhere in the world. You are in control.

It also contains a secure email system so participants can stay in touch without fear of the simulation leaking into the real world.

Logging actions and decisions during a simulation or indeed a real emergency is an essential crisis management capability. Now these can be recorded and printed out once the exercise is complete providing a superb audit trail for the post-exercise report.

Of course, if you want us to help build your scenario and produce content, we can do that too.

At Crisis Solutions we’ve always harnessed cutting edge technology to deliver world-class simulation exercises. We work with the biggest firms in both the financial and retail sectors and they demand the best.

If your job is to design and deliver crisis simulation exercises, The Virtual Exercise Manager is something you need to investigate.

Speak to Max Brady (max.brady@crisis-solutions.com) today to book a demo and find out more about its unique capabilities.

Crisis Cloud

The Virtual Exercise Manager is part of a suite of new services Crisis Solutions will be releasing over the coming months under the brand name: Crisis Cloud.