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Need to be crisis ready, but don’t have a crisis management team?

Customers and regulators now commonly demand a proven ability to mitigate and overcome crises. They want to feel confident that yours is a resilient company.

Perhaps your organization has grown and now needs more structured resilience or maybe you’re considering going public only to be confronted by new regulatory pressures.

Building and exercising crisis plans

Crisis planning is a specialist discipline and crisis plans need to be both bespoke and tested. The initial stages of developing a response capability are the most labour intensive.

This is where Crisis Solutions can help. When you work with us, you benefit from a whole team of crisis management experts. Our staff boasts a huge skill set, which you can leverage and we provide inexpensive and quick results.

Our services

  • Plans – with your assistance we write your business continuity or crisis management plans
  • Desktop exercises – a facilitated walk through to test and validate your plans
  • Crisis simulations – to train individuals and teams in a pressured environment
  • Media training – which includes interview training and social media handling during a crisis

We have the expertise (we run at least one exercise every week) and speak to you in jargon-free language