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Crisis management training

Our crisis management training is not just dry theory, it’s all about arming your staff with the tools and techniques needed to overcome a crisis. We then deploy a series of case studies and client specific scenarios to put our processes to the test.

The ACID Test

We believe there are four vital capabilities required in a successful crisis response. They are Activation, Communication, Information Management and Decision Making. We call this The ACID Test and it forms the basis of our crisis training and crisis management courses.


If you don’t have a team you can’t fight a crisis.

Our crisis management training looks at the following questions with regards to activation:

  • How is the crisis team assembled?
  • If someone discovers a potential emergency who do they inform?
  • What is the process for doing so?
  • Dependant on the nature of the crisis who needs to sit on the crisis team?
  • How do we overcome resource constraints?
  • How can we sustain a response should a crisis last longer than expected?


During a crisis, clear, consistent and timely communications must be delivered to all stakeholders. During our crisis management training courses we look at the following:

  • Who is responsible for sign-off on all media material?
  • The use of a communication grid to ensure all audiences are reached effectively
  • How to run an effective press conference
  • The importance of communicating with staff during a crisis
  • A social media plan


The effectiveness of emergency response largely depends on having access to precise, up-to-date information management.

In these hyper connected times information generally flows smoothly around an organisation. Crises have a habit of interrupting this flow making complete situational awareness very tricky.

A crisis by its very nature is an unstable, disruptive event with facts and impacts changing at an alarming rate.

Our crisis management courses look at how to gather, assess, filter and then share information so decision makers have the essential information they need to choose the right course of action.


One of the great arts in overcoming a crisis is successful decision making.

During our crisis management training courses we look at these essential crisis management questions:

  • Are issues being resolved and decisions made by those with appropriate authority?
  • How do we identify our strategic goal?
  • How do we prioritise our resources efficiently?
  • Are we asking the ‘what if?’ questions – in other words are we looking ahead?
  • And is this process allowing issues to be anticipated?

It is only through application that participants get to fully appreciate the value of our crisis training, which then becomes embedded in your organisation. Quite simply, our crisis training courses will enable your organisation become more resilient.


We have the expertise (we run at least one exercise every week) and speak to you in jargon-free language