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Crisis management e-learning courses

The most comprehensive suite of resilience and crisis management e-learning

We have taken our extensive knowledge of crisis management, including all our crisis management tools, techniques and protocols and distilled it in to two crisis management e-learning courses. ‘Responding to a crisis’ and ‘Crisis awareness’.

We then take these two crisis management courses and add elements of your own crisis management and business continuity capabilities so the courses become bespoke for your organisation.

E-learning is an exceptionally effective way of promoting a coherent crisis management and business continuity strategy throughout an organisation.

Responding to a crisis

This is the more advanced crisis management e-learning course, which is aimed at those who have a crisis response role in an organisation – perhaps a member of a crisis management team. Anyone with a need for more extensive crisis training.

The course contains all the elements required to fulfil your CMT role, including:

  • Understanding the characteristics of a crisis
  • The difference between a crisis and business-as-usual
  • How crisis resilience fits with business continuity
  • Crisis planning
  • Crisis skills and techniques
  • The challenges of managing information
  • Crisis decision-making – using a fascinating case study
  • Monitoring the progress of the crisis

Crisis awareness

This is an introductory crisis management course aimed at those in an organisation who need a basic knowledge of crisis resilience.

Topic covered include:

  • Understanding the characteristics of a crisis
  • How do you know when your organisation is in a crisis?
  • What’s the difference between a crisis and business-as-usual?
  • How crisis resilience fits in with business continuity
  • Crisis planning

Crisis exercising

Need to run your own crisis simulation exercise? This is the course for you. Successful exercises help develop staff capabilities and test your technical, logistical, administrative and procedural systems. This course takes you on a journey from the inception of an exercise programme through to running a crisis simulation and beyond.

Crisis communications

Communicating effectively during a crisis is essential. This course delivers extensive media and communications tips and techniques. Practical examples and checklists give you all the tools you need to feel confident communicating in a crisis.

The course looks at:

  • Putting together a crisis comms plan
  • Running a press conference
  • Prepared press releases
  • Media monitoring
  • Social media

Flexible study with Crisis Academy Online

With our Crisis Academy Online e-learning platform, you can study when you like, where you like. Start a course on your laptop, continue on your iPad. The e-learning software maintains your place in the course no matter what platform you are working on.

Learning progress

As well as quizzes and tests, each course is packed with graphics and videos to emphasise learning points. Learners’ activity and performance is visible to an administrator via a dashboard.

Promote consistent, company-wide resilience by deploying our crisis management e-learning courses.

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