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Remote crisis simulation exercises

Having developed Crisis Cloud, our crisis simulation web portal, we have taken the next logical step and now offer remote crisis management simulation exercises.

We now run remote crisis simulations entirely on-line with participants taking part from their offices both in the UK and overseas. We recently ran an exercise for a Japanese company that has offices all over the world. We call this the Crisis Simulator.



The exercises are deployed using Crisis Cloud and Citrix technology which allows voice communications between all participants.  At least two Crisis Solutions consultants are on hand to feed in information and give guidance to the players as the scenario progresses.

Players are given secure log-in details to Crisis Cloud, which is where they see the scenario unfold through dynamic, interactive web pages, simulated news videos and social media. To gain access to Crisis Cloud all participants need is a broadband connection.

Prior to the event the scenario is pre-programmed into Crisis Cloud to pour in as the exercise progresses.

During play, participants can put out internal messages to staff and external messages to journalists and other stakeholders.


Crisis Cloud is tailored to specific exercise requirements, but a typical example will include:

  • News stories based on the scenario. Stories are updated as the crisis exercise progresses
  • News videos to bring the immediacy of media scrutiny
  • Client pages for internal and external statements
  • A Twitter inspired social media page that is accessible to players and updated in real time

With staff time, increasingly precious and travel expensive, many of our clients with offices in different parts of the world find remote crisis simulations a very cost effective way to run a crisis simulation.


We regularly run the Crisis Simulator in a webinar format so potential clients can get a taste of what we offer.

Go here to our events page to sign up.

Or contact us to run bespoke remote crisis simulation exercises for your business.

The Crisis Simulator – the future of remote crisis simulations.


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