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Add some drama to your next crisis exercise

Running your own crisis exercise

Some organisations prefer to run their own crisis exercises and crisis simulations, but are unsure how to add the reality of news and social media. It is challenging to make the crisis exercise feel true life or immersive without adding in that reality.

Delivering the drama

At Crisis Solutions we have developed Crisis Cloud a crisis simulator that includes updated news stories, updated TV news, a social media simulator and web pages for both internal and external company statements. All in a safe environment that won’t leak into the outside world.

How it works

You provide us with your scenario details, then we write the news stories, make the news videos, pre-programme social media activity and hand the password protected website over to you. Crisis Cloud: it’s a crisis in a box.

Ask us to stage your crisis exercise

We can also develop your scenarios and stage the entire crisis simulation if you prefer. This gives you the option of benchmarking your performance and having an impartial expert opinion on what worked well and what needs more development, so that you fully benefit from your crisis exercise in terms of building world class crisis response capabilities within your organisation.


Get your organisation crisis ready with modern and challenging crisis simulations & exercises from Crisis Solutions