Crisis Solutions clients come from a wide variety of industry sectors, giving us a great depth of experience. They include global leaders in financial service, manufacturing, retail, property management, telecoms, entertainment, automotive, supermarkets and global distribution.

Our work in the public sector has seen the delivery of some of the most complex crisis management exercises ever produced, including several multi-departmental national exercises for the UK government.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our service delivery and client satisfaction. In the last 6 years 95% of all Crisis Solutions clients have asked us to deliver additional services after our first assignment.

Cyber attack on a bank

MArch 2019

First the bank thought they had lost some data…then it escalated into a full-on cyber attack. It took about eight weeks to design this challenging scenario. The exercise lasted about three hours and culminated in a simulated media interview with our in-house journalist. The client said “very valuable exercise - now we need some media training”

Workshop for a car manufacturer

April 2019

We recently ran a scenario-based workshop for the senior management team of a well-known car manufacturer. The event stepped through their response to a crisis and helped them become more familiar with their plans. The learnings from the exercise are now enabling the firm to improve their resilience and their crisis response.

Madrid is a hot topic

April 2019

Running a crisis exercise in Madrid recently, we could only admire the client - who had their own golf course on their extensive corporate campus. This was quite a complex event as we had teams playing in both the Spanish Capital and in Sao Paulo Brazil, using three different languages. In times of crisis be like Tiger Woods - stay calm!

Day trip to Munich

April 2019

I recently took a day trip to Munich to speak at a conference held by BMW, one of our automotive clients. The topic of my talk was ‘Owning a crisis’ and some of the content can be found here. The delegates were largely business continuity and compliance executives and were an enthusiastic and welcoming crowd. Jim Preen (Head of media)

Edinburgh Clients

February 2019

We have a number of clients in Edinburgh. Not just financial sector, but also in the drinks industry. It was good to catch-up with some of them at the recent Scottish Continuity conference held at the wonderful DynamicEarth venue.

Working with the shipping industry

April 2019

Max Brady and Jim Preen travelled to Rotterdam to run an exercise for the shipping industry using our media hub Crisis Cloud. We did this on behalf of MTI Network, the world’s leading crisis media response network dedicated to serving the shipping, energy, offshore and transportation industries. Shipping is a business sector that is relatively new to us, but it was interesting to note that whether you are on dry land or on the ocean, good crisis management protocols still apply.