Crisis Training

Corporate crises are rare but when they strike can have profound consequences. Our crisis management workshops teach proven crisis management skills and decision-making procedures. Don’t put your corporate reputation in jeopardy. Use our training workshops to learn from a crisis before it happens.

With over 15 years experience working with leading organisations, Crisis Solutions has developed a capability benchmark which we call the ACID Test.

These four capabilities, Activation, Communication, Information-Management and Decision-making, are the key components to any organisation’s response to a crisis. 

We have workshops and e-learning packages focussing on improving these key capabilities in crisis management teams. We can even deliver our training remotely anywhere in the world, removing the need to travel.

We have an e-learning primer ‘Crisis Awareness’ and for those with more experience and who might sit on a Crisis Management Team: ‘Responding to a Crisis’. Both courses come to you free of charge. Just sign up, log in and off you go. No charge. No commitment.


Media Crisis Training

Concerned you might have to face the press in the wake of a crisis? We offer media training delivered by our award-winning communication advisers who have helped many executives develop the techniques and the confidence required to face the media.

A reputation built over many years can be shredded in minutes by a bad or inappropriate media performance. Don’t think you can wing it on the day, get up to speed with current media thinking and represent your company with confidence in the most trying of circumstances.


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