Crisis Management Simulations, Exercising and TRAINING

We pride ourselves on designing and delivering the toughest, most realistic crisis simulation exercises found anywhere on the planet. It’s what we do, and no one does it better. 

Everybody has a different interpretation of a crisis exercise. On the ‘left hand’ side of the scale a desktop exercise might enable people to learn new skills, tools and techniques. Further along the scale an event might allow participants to practice those newly-acquired skills in a safe workshop environment. On the ‘right hand’ end of the scale our crisis simulations reflect the challenges of a real crisis using simulated news videos, social media, phone calls and emails.

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Simulated news videos, social media and websites brings exercises to life…

Simulated news videos, social media and websites brings exercises to life…

Crisis Simulation Exercises

For a full-scale simulation we create a scenario that involves an exercise control, whose members fire in updates and questions to the participants who are besieged by questions from journalists. In addition, our online crisis exercising portal Crisis Cloud (™) brings simulated news videos, websites, emails and a social media simulator. Teams can simulate putting out internal messages to staff and external messages to journalists and other stakeholders.

To log on all you need is a web connection. Players can take part in the crisis exercise from their offices across the corridor or across continents. Participants in the crisis simulation exercises are provided with password-protected access to the platform, giving you confidence your exercise won’t leak into the real world.

It’s full on, until full time and as near to a real crisis as we can make it.


Our desktop exercises feature many of the elements of a full-scale crisis simulation including news broadcasts and social media, but scenario updates come from slides rather than exercise control. If you want to make sure your crisis plan, or playbook is up to speed, one of our table-tops will provide the perfect reality check.


Meeting Your Objectives

Every organisation has different objectives for running an exercise. It might be to practice your crisis response processes, to embed new plans and structures or to allow people to build confidence in their crisis roles and responsibilities. Or maybe it’s to satisfy a regulatory requirement.

We talk to you during the design phase to understand where you’re coming from.

Want to use Crisis Cloud for your own Exercise?

You want to run your own crisis exercise, but don’t have the capability to add TV news and social media. Let us help using our ground-breaking exercise web portal: ‘Crisis Cloud(™)’

You send us your content two weeks prior to your exercise, we produce the news videos and print stories, generate the social media activity and load it all into Crisis Cloud and have it primed and ready for your event.

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