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Generic plans, specific playbooks and asymmetric attacks

At the heart of crisis management and business continuity there’s always a push and pull between planning for specific and nonspecific threats. The essence of a sound business continuity plan is its ability to counter threats of almost any nature. At their heart BC plans are typically generic and don’t seek to ameliorate a particular […]

The Virtual Exercise Manager

A new service from Crisis Solutions Crisis Solutions is delighted to launch The Virtual Exercise Manager a new service to help take your crisis exercises to the next level. The Virtual Exercise Manager allows you to design and run your exercises and bring them to life. It has the ability to stream social media, broadcast […]

TSB Boss forced to quit in wake of IT meltdown

At Crisis Solutions, much of our work is with the financial sector and there is little that banks fear more than IT failure or data-breaches. These now form the basis for many of our crisis simulation exercises. As Head of Media at Crisis Solutions I’m responsible for writing and producing the simulated news clips shown […]

What makes for a successful crisis app?

Alerting and assembling your crisis management team and thereafter accounting for staff are essential crisis management capabilities. This will almost inevitably involve a smart phone and some form of crisis app. Thereafter you have a choice: either go for one of the mass notification giants such as F24 or Everbridge or you keep it domestic […]

Bitcoin no longer favoured by cyber-criminals

Are cyber-criminals falling out of love with the original crypto-currency? It’s not giving away a huge corporate secret to say that most of the crisis simulations we currently run are cyber related. Many of our clients are banks and insurance companies and just mentioning the words cyber-attack is enough to bring executives out in a […]

Cyber-crime and ransomware hit individuals

As the UK government’s cyber-security event, CYBERUK 2017, gets underway a worrying new trend in cyber-crime is highlighted in a joint report by the National Crime Agency (NCA) and the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). The report indicates that the bad guys are coming after individuals as well as businesses. Cyber-crime and ransomware are now […]

Weaponising misinformation

Michael Fallon warns of Russia ‘weaponising misinformation’ In a speech last week Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary warned that Russia was ‘weaponising misinformation’ which is a telling phrase. We’re all aware that Russia carries out sustained cyber-attacks against the west. Unfortunately for Mr Fallon, on the same day a committee of MPs, The Public Accounts […]

2017: scanning the risk horizon

As we start a new year it would be wise for those of us in business continuity and crisis management to look ahead and, if not predict then at least prepare, for what might jump out of the shadows at us in 2017. The most recent government risk register was compiled way back in 2015 […]

Convergence and the future of crisis management

This is an edited transcript of a talk given by Jim Preen, head of media at Crisis Solutions, to the BCI World Conference in London about convergence and the future of crisis management. First, I want to consider the cyber security threats we now face and then look at how business continuity and crisis management […]

Kettlegate – a cyber-storm in a tea cup

Go to Google and type in the word “Tea”, nothing else just those three letters, and you might expect to find different brands of tea that are for sale, perhaps a history of tea, but what you’ll actually find is the story of one Englishman, his desire for a cup of tea and a recalcitrant […]