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The Virtual Exercise Manager

A new service from Crisis Solutions Crisis Solutions is delighted to launch The Virtual Exercise Manager a new service to help take your crisis exercises to the next level. The Virtual Exercise Manager allows you to design and run your exercises and bring them to life. It has the ability to stream social media, broadcast […]

Getting your message across with a crisis grid

In a crisis will your messages reach their intended audiences? How do you get your comms to cut through? You need a crisis grid. There is no such thing as an automated response to a crisis. Successful crisis handling is a combination of the soft human skills of initiative, experience and ability backed by the […]

Twitter literate 2 (tweeting in a crisis)

Following on from my last post, here are some thoughts on how to use (should I say leverage?) Twitter in a crisis. You may have out sourced media monitoring, but Twitter is a fantastic resource to learn what it being said about your organisation. Find the relevant hashtags and tweeters and follow. Create your own […]

Twitter literate

Some people struggle with Twitter. Often these are folks who use social media, typically Facebook, but can’t get a handle on Twitter, which seems to be machine gun bursts of jargon, acronyms, hashtags and links. I’ve heard people say it: ‘Why would I use Twitter?’ It might be helpful to think in these terms. Facebook […]

Help me profile the perfect crisis comms manager

Help me profile the perfect crisis comms manager Crisis communications manager That was the challenge I set a group of comms professionals They came up with some interesting responses: ‘Some one who can steer their team even when the road ahead seems ‘foggy’ – good at maintaining reputation. Santa Claus?!’ ‘Internal communication is as important […]

San Francisco air crash

A social media perspective Last week I ran a crisis communication course in London. I always like to kick off with what I call the Top Story – a current news item that contains a crisis PR angle. It gets the participants talking and is a subtle pointer that the course is current, lively and […]

Novel use for Twitter

Novel use for Twitter Recently I talked about using Twitter in a crisis. Here’s another Twitter inspired idea. When training comms teams we spend a lot of time talking about ‘key messages’. As part of the training I now get delegates to express their messages as tweets. They only have 140 characters so it forces […]

Brave new media

Brave new media People involved in crisis communications are obsessed with social media. Newspapers, TV, internal comms are all very well, but Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare and YouTube that’s where the real action lies. Forget the old and bring on the new. All of which may be bewildering for those involved in resilience and crisis […]

Responding to a social media attack

Responding to a social media attack A colleague and I ran a crisis communication course for the energy sector last week. It was an intriguing and invigorating event with participants from right across the energy spectrum from green to nuclear and all stops in between. Inevitably a lot of discussion focused on the perils of […]

Picture Power

We live in a world dominated by the visual image. Bob Lisbonne writing in TechCrunch has some interesting stats: “People post more than 300 million photos a day to Facebook alone, and 70% of all actions on social media involve images.” So what does this mean for those involved in crisis management? In the brave […]