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Dunkin’ Donuts Reports Credential Stuffing Attack

I particularly liked the above headline seen on a cyber-security website. There’s something about donuts and the verb stuffing that seem so appropriate together. Not familiar with credential stuffing? This is where hackers steal lists of account details such as user names, email addresses and passwords, perhaps from a site that is not as cyber-secure […]

Drones: The micro menace

Drones have now disrupted flights at both Gatwick and Heathrow airport. At Heathrow the disruption lasted just a few hours; at Gatwick it was far more serious where tens of thousands of passengers saw their flights cancelled or delayed. Drones are the new micro menace. In both instances the military were deployed and now the […]

Generic plans, specific playbooks and asymmetric attacks

At the heart of crisis management and business continuity there’s always a push and pull between planning for specific and nonspecific threats. The essence of a sound business continuity plan is its ability to counter threats of almost any nature. At their heart BC plans are typically generic and don’t seek to ameliorate a particular […]

Cyber-crime: The ever-changing threat

In quick succession, Facebook, the UK Conservative Party and British Airways have suffered aggressive cyber-attacks. Facebook saw 50 million user accounts affected with attackers able to takeover users’ accounts. The Tory Party suffered embarrassment when their official conference mobile phone app made the private data of senior party members accessible to anyone able to second […]

TSB Boss forced to quit in wake of IT meltdown

At Crisis Solutions, much of our work is with the financial sector and there is little that banks fear more than IT failure or data-breaches. These now form the basis for many of our crisis simulation exercises. As Head of Media at Crisis Solutions I’m responsible for writing and producing the simulated news clips shown […]

Manchester: The softest of soft targets

Unless you have teenage children you probably won’t know about YouTubers. They are mostly kids, not much older than their fans, who post jokey videos online. By and large it’s innocent fun and they attract millions of followers. In our house, and our daughter goes on at some length about this, the most popular are […]

Security and the internet of things

Security and the internet of things. Not up to speed on the internet of things? In short it’s the development of the internet where everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data. Whenever this topic arises journalists seem to head straight for their fridge, or in this case their Smart Fridge. […]

Worried about the Carphone Warehouse hack?

Here’s what to do: *Notify your bank and credit card company, so they can monitor activity on your account *Change your online account password *Check your account for any suspicious activity *Don’t give out personal information, bank details or passwords *Visit Experian, Equifax or Noddle to check your credit rating to make sure no one has applied for credit in […]

Contactless cards: fraud alert

Contactless cards: fraud alert The latest edition of Which? magazine just bumped on to the Crisis Solutions’ office mat. They’ve done some interesting research into the safety (or otherwise) of contactless bank cards. First up some figures: there are 58m contactless cards in use in the UK and consumers here spent a bank busting £2.32bn […]

Conspiracy or coincidence?

Conspiracy or coincidence? Yesterday, computer failures grounded United Airlines flights, shut down trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and played havoc with the Wall Street Journal website. Were they victims of a concerted cyber attack or were the incidents unrelated? Conspiracy or coincidence? US Homeland Security played it all down claiming the issues […]