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Number crunching corporate cyber

Companies hardly need to be told that cyber-attacks present a huge risk. So what are organisations doing to protect themselves? A recent study by Deloitte revealed some interesting findings Only 5 per cent of FTSE 100 companies say they have a director responsible for cyber-risks. 71% of corporations involved in the study identified IT systems failure as a […]

Time to say farewell to Link Associates and Witt O’Brien?

The latter part of 2016 appears to be bringing significant change to other crisis management providers, as some exit the UK. Rest assured, Crisis Solutions remains constant – independent since we were formed in 2000 and fully focussed on the specialist area of crisis exercising, crisis simulations and crisis response planning. Link Associates and Witt […]

Brexit and the Strategic Intent

If you are a regular reader of these blogs or worked with Crisis Solutions, you will almost certainly have come across our construct: The Strategic Intent. The Strategic Intent It’s one of the most important crisis management techniques we teach. Used correctly, the Strategic Intent helps identify what a good outcome from a crisis might […]

Brexit: The challenge for risk managers

The UK has voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU. The days ahead will be full of uncertainty. Businesses across the country will inevitably be asking: What does Brexit mean for our organisation? In the short term there will be market volatility, but no laws will change. However, conceivably the UK could be out of the […]

Crisis Solutions at World Cities Conference

Crisis Solutions is delighted to be part of the World Cities Conference talking place on the 9th and 10th October at The British Library in London. By 2050 around three quarters of the world’s population will live in cities, that’s approaching seven billion people on a mere 2% of the global land mass. Urbanisation will […]

Beyond Crisis 101

Anyone who’s landed on this page will probably have at least a basic understanding of how to deal with the press in a crisis. Crisis Comms 101 goes like this: If you’re giving an interview or a press conference figure out your key messages, figure out the tough questions and come up with answers that […]

Crisis simulation jargon buster

At Crisis Solutions we pride ourselves on being as jargon free as possible, but during exercises and tests we do use certain acronyms and phrases that might confuse. To old hands they will be second nature, but for those new to business continuity they may be as clear as ancient Aramaic. So here is the […]

Crisis Comms and the CEO

Recent crises in Malaysia and Korea have highlighted the new pressures that senior executives and government officials face during a crisis. These days CEOs have to be visible during  an emergency. If the media feels they’re hiding, questions will be asked. Why’s she not taking responsibility? What’s he got to hide? Part of the problem […]

Crisis Solutions up for BCI award

Crisis Solutions up for BCI award Crisis Solutions is proud to announce that the company has been shortlisted for a very prestigious award. The Business Continuity Institute European Awards ceremony takes place on 21st May in Amsterdam and Crisis Solutions has been shortlisted under the category of Business Continuity Provider (Service) of the Year. The BCI […]

Build resilience after a crisis

Resilience after a crisis One of the least understood aspects of a crisis is post-crisis evaluation and recovery. Once an incident is over it’s tempting for all concerned to forget and move on even if managers know that lessons should be learnt. If no evaluation takes place there can be no action plan and without […]