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Drones: The micro menace

Drones have now disrupted flights at both Gatwick and Heathrow airport. At Heathrow the disruption lasted just a few hours; at Gatwick it was far more serious where tens of thousands of passengers saw their flights cancelled or delayed. Drones are the new micro menace. In both instances the military were deployed and now the […]

NHS unprepared for cyber-strike

An independent investigation into the WannaCry cyber-attack makes uncomfortable reading for the NHS. The National Audit Office (NAO) report castigates the health service for being unprepared for what the NAO calls a relatively unsophisticated attack, which “could have been prevented by the NHS following basic IT security best practice.” It also highlights fundamental crisis management flaws. […]

Manchester: The softest of soft targets

Unless you have teenage children you probably won’t know about YouTubers. They are mostly kids, not much older than their fans, who post jokey videos online. By and large it’s innocent fun and they attract millions of followers. In our house, and our daughter goes on at some length about this, the most popular are […]

Run Hide Tell vs Run Hide Fight

Public information films from the 50s and 60 look like they come from another planet not just another time. Gone are the days of the Tufty Club and the Green Cross Code. Now we have public information on what to do when a gunman enters your workplace and opens fire. Run hide tell or run […]

Emergency communications – your questions answered

Last month Crisis Solutions ran a webinar with John Davison from F24 as our guest presenter. F24 provides a software as a service (SaaS) solution for emergency communications. Our topic was how to get your message out there and reach your audiences, both internal and external, during an emergency. Here are John’s answers to the […]

Power to recover

Power to recover webinar I recently ran a webinar which looked at trauma in the workplace and how people have the power to recover. I interviewed two eminent psychologists on the subject: Dr Liz Royle and Catherine Kerr. The central theme of our discussion was myth busting the received wisdom that surrounds this often-misunderstood topic. […]

Lessons from the Manchester United mock bomb fiasco

Lessons from the Manchester United mock bomb fiasco Anyone who works in crisis management will have felt a little queasy on hearing about the mock pipe bomb left inside Manchester United’s Old Trafford ground. If they claim otherwise they are being disingenuous. A contractor, Security Search Management and Solutions Ltd, failed to collect a phony […]

Overcoming crisis denial

Ever been in a pub or restaurant when a fire alarm is activated and nobody reacts? People just assume it’s a test or false alarm and take no action. It’s what psychologists call ‘normality bias’. The brain uses past experiences to inform what is happening right now and starts to construct patterns that don’t actually […]

Blame game

    The sinking of the Costa Concordia in Tuscan waters remains an international news story and has seen the humiliation of the ship’s captain. Jim Preen comments on the crisis communications strategy of the ship’s owners. Captain Schettino, Master of the Costa Concordia, has been denounced as the most hated man in Italy, dubbed […]