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Ten thoughts on crisis leadership

1. During a crisis, it’s not bad news that makes people panic, but rather conflicting messages from those in authority. 2. During a crisis an ineffective leader will continue demanding a higher quantity and quality of information, but still prevaricate. It’s sometimes called analysis paralysis. 3. Time limit is an important issue in crisis management. A […]

Profiling the perfect crisis manager

Handling a crisis can test the hardiest individual. What are the essential qualities needed for such a job? Must exhibit integrity, credibility and compassion Have confidence in their abilities May need to show contrition if that’s appropriate Sometimes sorry really is the hardest word A team player, someone who doesn’t work in a silo Good […]

Is your business crisis ready?

Crises come in many forms. Some are self-inflicted: the doctor being forcibly removed from the United Airlines plane springs to mind. A crisis might be a bolt from the blue: perhaps a cyber-attack. Or social media trolls amplify a piece of misinformation and suddenly there’s a witch-hunt against your company. So is your business crisis ready? […]

Generic plans, specific playbooks and asymmetric attacks

At the heart of crisis management and business continuity there’s always a push and pull between planning for specific and nonspecific threats. The essence of a sound business continuity plan is its ability to counter threats of almost any nature. At their heart BC plans are typically generic and don’t seek to ameliorate a particular […]

Red Funnel Ferry collision: Poor Crisis Communication

Yesterday a Red Funnel Ferry hit several moored yachts and ran aground just off Cowes in the Isle of Wight. Fortunately nobody was hurt as a result of the collision, which happened in thick fog. A sunken yacht with her mast poking out of the water was confirmed by the coastguard as having been hit […]

Cyber-crime: The ever-changing threat

In quick succession, Facebook, the UK Conservative Party and British Airways have suffered aggressive cyber-attacks. Facebook saw 50 million user accounts affected with attackers able to takeover users’ accounts. The Tory Party suffered embarrassment when their official conference mobile phone app made the private data of senior party members accessible to anyone able to second […]

Why you must run an annual crisis exercise

Anyone working at an organisation that has suffered a crisis will remember the moment they discovered the light at the end of the tunnel wasn’t a beacon guiding them to corporate success but rather an oncoming express train with lights flashing and brakes squealing. These days that train takes many forms; it could be a […]

Slavery in the supply chain

The threat of slavery or unethical behaviour in a firm’s supply chain is not receiving the attention it should, particularly by those who work in crisis management. Firms are judged by the company they keep, and if they employ or work with partners who are guilty of such practises, this represents a massive potential hit […]

News media ground rules

To many people the thought of facing the news media is terrifying. There’s always the suspicion that well-meaning statements will be taken out of context, misconstrued, or misinterpreted to make the interviewee look bad. To succeed, you need to understand how reporters work, what they need and how to focus on your organisation’s messages. Answer […]