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Corporate reputation

Dunkin’ Donuts Reports Credential Stuffing Attack

I particularly liked the above headline seen on a cyber-security website. There’s something about donuts and the verb stuffing that seem so appropriate together. Not familiar with credential stuffing? This is where hackers steal lists of account details such as user names, email addresses and passwords, perhaps from a site that is not as cyber-secure […]

How do you describe what you do at your neighbour’s BBQ?

It’s not always easy to describe to those not involved in crisis management or business continuity exactly what it is we do. Inevitably people jump to conclusions and think we must be another arm of the emergency services or perhaps just dispense crisis PR. So, I posed the question: ‘How do you describe what you […]

Is your business crisis ready?

Crises come in many forms. Some are self-inflicted: the doctor being forcibly removed from the United Airlines plane springs to mind. A crisis might be a bolt from the blue: perhaps a cyber-attack. Or social media trolls amplify a piece of misinformation and suddenly there’s a witch-hunt against your company. So is your business crisis ready? […]

Generic plans, specific playbooks and asymmetric attacks

At the heart of crisis management and business continuity there’s always a push and pull between planning for specific and nonspecific threats. The essence of a sound business continuity plan is its ability to counter threats of almost any nature. At their heart BC plans are typically generic and don’t seek to ameliorate a particular […]

Red Funnel Ferry collision: Poor Crisis Communication

Yesterday a Red Funnel Ferry hit several moored yachts and ran aground just off Cowes in the Isle of Wight. Fortunately nobody was hurt as a result of the collision, which happened in thick fog. A sunken yacht with her mast poking out of the water was confirmed by the coastguard as having been hit […]

Sewing needles in strawberries devastate Australian farmers

Risks take many shapes and forms. The latest comes in the seemingly innocent guise of a sewing needle. It’s not front page news in the UK, but the discovery of needles hidden in strawberries, has caused alarm across Australia. Punnets of contaminated strawberries have been reported across six Australian states, with several brands being recalled. The […]

TSB Boss forced to quit in wake of IT meltdown

At Crisis Solutions, much of our work is with the financial sector and there is little that banks fear more than IT failure or data-breaches. These now form the basis for many of our crisis simulation exercises. As Head of Media at Crisis Solutions I’m responsible for writing and producing the simulated news clips shown […]

Slavery in the supply chain

The threat of slavery or unethical behaviour in a firm’s supply chain is not receiving the attention it should, particularly by those who work in crisis management. Firms are judged by the company they keep, and if they employ or work with partners who are guilty of such practises, this represents a massive potential hit […]

Crisis Over: Now What?

If your organisation has had the misfortune to endure a crisis, the natural reaction is to mop the brow, say words to the effect ‘phew, we survived’ and move on. Not so fast. Now is the time to take stock of your crisis response while it’s still fresh in the memory. Gather the crisis team […]

‘How much does a pint of milk cost, minister?’

Crisis Comms shortcut If you’re talking to the press, particularly in a crisis, beware the personal question. The classic, which often surfaced during election campaigns, was for a journalist to ask the agriculture minister what the asking price was for a pint of milk down the local ASDA. A wildly off beam answer, which could […]