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Case Study

A pilot’s guide to crisis management

A pilot’s guide to crisis management Richard Whitby considers that navigating a plane and navigating a crisis may have quite a bit in common. “Final check, then apply full power,” says the instructor. I’m hunched over the controls of the Cessna light aircraft, my palms sweating and my head full of figures. The pilot of […]

Making resilience pay – case study

The over-riding desire among risk mangers is to increase resilience and develop a dynamic response capability that enables a firm to react effectively when crisis strikes. Scenario based simulation exercises provide an excellent opportunity to kick-start the process. Exercises are valuable whether bosses are present or not, but make no mistake resilience costs money. Getting […]

The future of crisis consultancy

The following is a transcript of a talk given recently by Jim Preen, head of media at Crisis Solutions I was recently asked: What will crisis consultancy look like in 2020? The big change for us who work in crisis management is what I’m going to call convergence. Largely it’s the convergence of technologies. I […]

Spring into action: 10 things that keep executives awake at night

Crisis management capabilities It’s spring, though someone seems to have forgotten to tell the weather, and time to freshen up your crisis management capabilities Take out your crisis plan, dust it down and check that it’s still fit for purpose. Here’s a new risk list to keep you focussed. Following interviews with more than 1,400 […]

Crisis simulation jargon buster

At Crisis Solutions we pride ourselves on being as jargon free as possible, but during exercises and tests we do use certain acronyms and phrases that might confuse. To old hands they will be second nature, but for those new to business continuity they may be as clear as ancient Aramaic. So here is the […]

Crisis Comms and the CEO

Recent crises in Malaysia and Korea have highlighted the new pressures that senior executives and government officials face during a crisis. These days CEOs have to be visible during  an emergency. If the media feels they’re hiding, questions will be asked. Why’s she not taking responsibility? What’s he got to hide? Part of the problem […]

Crisis Solutions up for BCI award

Crisis Solutions up for BCI award Crisis Solutions is proud to announce that the company has been shortlisted for a very prestigious award. The Business Continuity Institute European Awards ceremony takes place on 21st May in Amsterdam and Crisis Solutions has been shortlisted under the category of Business Continuity Provider (Service) of the Year. The BCI […]

Build resilience after a crisis

Resilience after a crisis One of the least understood aspects of a crisis is post-crisis evaluation and recovery. Once an incident is over it’s tempting for all concerned to forget and move on even if managers know that lessons should be learnt. If no evaluation takes place there can be no action plan and without […]

MH370 Communication breakdown

Communication breakdown It’s a truism among journalists that the same stories come round again and again albeit in slightly different guises. An entirely new story is almost unheard of, but that’s the category the disappearance of Malaysian flight 370 falls into. At the time of writing, no evidence or wreckage from the plane has been […]

Simulations in crisis

Crisis simulations Running exercises or crisis simulations can be tricky and unexpected issues can arrive unannounced. I thought it might be beneficial to canvas the opinions of some fellow crisis management professionals to see what problems they’ve faced during an exercise. Here are fourteen thoughts: A small group of players elect to (how to put […]