The CEO and external comms


Ipsos Mori, the pollsters, just published a report on corporate reputation. Here is a summary of their, perhaps overly musical, thoughts on: ‘The Role of the CEO in external communications’.

  • Call on your CEO, but do so after careful consideration.

  • A communications strategy is successful when it’s able to deliver a clear and compelling message to the audience it is trying to address.

  • The company needs to act like a well-coordinated orchestra to deliver a compelling symphony.

  • The communications professional, as the conductor, can achieve this with a greater array of instruments than ever before. Here, the CEO can play the lead tenor or soprano able to unlock attention and convey the essence of the ensemble in a way no one else can.

  • However, like the valuable resource they are, the CEO needs to appear at the right time and in coordination with the rest of the company.

Jim Preen (Head of media)