Trolling the competition: Ryanair BA Twitter spat

Here’s a cautionary tale of why any company should beware of trolling a competitor on social media.

When a British Airways flight that was destined for Dusseldorf wound up in Edinburgh, Ryanair thought they’d have some fun at BA’s expense and posted this on Twitter…


BA responded and so did other people (a lot of them) who had some pretty harsh and often funny things to say about Ryanair.

Ryanair 2.png
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People like Ryanair’s low prices but are not nearly so enamoured of the Irish airline’s customer service.

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Let’s leave the last thought to Andy Hollinson who posted: “British Airways are missing a trick. Ryanair would have charged double for the second destination.”

Nobody got really burned in this twitter spat, but taking to social media can have unexpected consequences.

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Jim Preen