How do you describe what you do at your neighbour’s BBQ?

It’s not always easy to describe to those not involved in crisis management or business continuity exactly what it is we do. Inevitably people jump to conclusions and think we must be another arm of the emergency services or perhaps just dispense crisis PR.

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So, I posed the question: ‘How do you describe what you do at your neighbour’s BBQ?’ to a bunch of crisis management professionals who came up with some funny and thought-provoking answers.

  • My job is to make sure that when the lights go out, we stay in business.

  • I counsel people on how to best prepare for what could possibly be the worst day of their lives.

  • My job is to keep the University OFF CNN.

  • Our office is in charge of figuring out what can go wrong, preventing it if we can and making sure everyone knows what to do if we can’t.

  • On the basis less is more, I usually say I am a “Master of Disaster” and walk away whilst they still have a blank look on their faces.

  • Our job is to have the plans in place so they “could have” put Humpty Dumpty back together again!

  • I tell them I help plan for the zombie apocalypse, or any situation, where there is a loss of humans, workspace or vendors.

  • My brother says: ‘All you do is scare people about whatever bad on earth could happen, (or what) will happen to their business, and once they’re scared, you make money out of it’.

  • When your BBQ is rained off, I’m the person who has places booked at a restaurant!

More suggestions are entirely welcome.

Jim Preen: Head of Media

Richard Whitby