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A message from the Managing Director

Crisis Solutions began life over 15 years ago, providing crisis simulation exercises to several of the UK’s major banks and insurance companies.

Why crisis simulations?

Our idea was that, while business continuity and crisis management planning was something many organisations did in-house, crisis exercising was different. Organisations don’t run exercises very often, so outsourcing made sense. As a result we became Europe’s first specialist crisis simulation and exercising company.

Our global client base

Our client base grew to include global brands in a variety of sectors, including oil and gas, electronics, supermarkets, retailing, government departments, aviation and more. Our financial sector client base boomed and we began working with industry regulators.

The first ever market-wide exercise

Crisis Solutions delivered the very first ‘Market-Wide Exercise’, involving more than 100 organisations and thousands of participants in a day-long simulated terror attack on London’s financial sector. We were also a key part of the UK Government’s preparations to provide resilience against cyber attacks during the London Olympics.

More than just an annual simulation exercise

Regardless of the sector, it soon became apparent that world-class organisations wanted more than just an annual crisis exercise. They came out of exercises wanting answers. ‘How can we improve our decision-making in a crisis?’ ‘How can we develop our crisis techniques?’ ‘What’s the benchmark, what are other leading organisations doing?’

So we set out to gather solutions, ideas and best practice from around the world to answer their questions. Working with clients we quickly learnt what succeeded and what could be improved.

Ready for tomorrow’s crisis today

Fifteen years on, we are still Europe’s crisis simulation leaders; ready to share a wealth of information with our clients to make them as crisis ready as it is possible to be. Our job is to make your organisation ready for tomorrow’s crisis today.

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Richard Whitby


We have the expertise (we run at least one exercise every week) and speak to you in jargon-free language