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Terror attack first aid app

We don’t generally review or comment on crisis related products but following yesterday’s dreadful events at Parliament we thought it appropriate to bring CitizenAID to people’s attention.

CitizenAID app (iPhone/iPad) that has been developed by both military and civilian medics that attempts to show how people, caught up in a terror attack, can protect themselves and others. The app also explains how to provide potentially life-saving medical assistance to the injured before the emergency services arrive. It includes information on how to deal with limb loss, open wounds, broken bones and burns.

Sir Keith Porter, professor of clinical traumatology at the University of Birmingham, is one of four clinicians behind the initiative.

He said: ‘I have treated hundreds of soldiers whose lives have been saved by the simple applications of tourniquets when they have been shot or blown up. Teaching individual soldiers these skills has saved lives. I think it is essential we train the public in those skills and that is exactly what CitizenAID does.’

CitizenAID founder Brigadier Tim Hodgetts said the app is “grounded in deep and practical experience. We have a duty to transfer the hard-won medical lessons from recent conflict to the wider benefit of our public.”

The app reinforces police guidelines to Run, Hide and Tell in the event of a terror attack. Run if you can, hide if that’s not possible and tell the police once you are safe.

Crisis Solutions has no commercial involvement with this product. CitizenAid App.