Crisis Management Plan

Crisis management requires a sure footed response.

Whilst it is impossible to predict the future and plan in detail for every eventuality – it is entirely possible to identify a flexible response capability that should be encapsulated in a crisis management plan.

Your crisis management plan should identify Crisis Management Team members and their various roles and responsibilities.  The crisis management plan should establish processes for engaging the right people at the right time, maintaining effective communication, managing information during the crisis and timely decision making.

We believe that when it comes to developing and implementing a flexible crisis response capability, less is often more.  A great crisis management plan should put people at its heart giving them the support to use their knowledge and experience to solve unique and novel situations without constraining them with unnecessary bureaucracy.

Over the last 10 years, Crisis Solutions has developed a series of crisis management concepts and decisions support tools which have been incorporated into clients’ crisis management plans and deployed in response to ‘live’ crises.