Crisis Management Plan

interview Crisis management requires a sure-footed, flexible capability that’s captured in a crisis management plan.

A plan must identify crisis management team members and set out their roles and responsibilities. It should also establish processes that:
– Engage the right people at the right time
– Maintain effective communications
– Manage information
– Promote timely decision making

People must be at the heart of your plan giving them the support to use their knowledge and experience to solve unique and challenging problems without being constrained by unnecessary bureaucracy.

In the past crisis plans were often huge ring-bound files that gathered dust on a shelf or cyber dust on a computer. Times have changed and when it comes to writing a plan – less is often more.

Over the last 10 years, Crisis Solutions has developed a series of crisis management concepts and decision support tools that are incorporated into many of our clients’ plans. These have been tested and found invaluable during real incidents.

If you need a crisis management plan or if your existing plan could use an overhaul then our consultants are ready to help.